SONGER 3 is a random song ideas generator. It comes up with a random tempo, key, lyrical theme and lyrical line. It shows you 6 chords that fit within the current key—just tap the pads to hear the chords. There’s also a melody button that plays a random note from the current key. There’s even an in-built metronome. SONGER 3 is perfect for musicians that need a bit of inspiration. It’s also great for aspiring musicians that want to know what chords and notes work within a given key. There are 50 themes and 200 lyrical lines included. Future updates to the app will be free. They’ll also include more themes and lyrics to get you started. 
Individual tempo, key, lyrical theme and lyrical line randomisers
- 50 lyrical themes and 200 lyrical lines
- Metronome
- 6 chord pads that play suggested chords within the current key
- Random melody button that plays notes within the current key
- Available in English and Japanese (selectable upon start-up)
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