Jam² gives you drums, bass, keys and percussion with over 120 patterns per instrument! All patterns have been manually programmed to give a true, musical feel.  

Choose a key and tempo, and jam along! Move the yellow sliders to change an instrument's pattern, or just hit the RND button to randomise all instrument patterns at once.

- high-quality WAV sounds
- 4 different instruments
- 120 melodic and rhythmic patterns per instrument
- all patterns programmed by a musician for a realistic feel
- automatic velocity/dynamic changes enhance the groove
- mute instruments by holding your finger on them
- supports all 12 keys, and major/minor modality
- choose a tempo from 60 - 130 by sliding your finger
- free, and no ads!

Become part of the development of Jam² by suggesting any features you'd like to see!
View Jam² on the App Store.
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