In early 2019, I began to study Digital Signal Processing with the intent to create audio plugins for music production. Using a fantastic tool, Blue Cat Audio's Plug'n Script, I learned how to produce plugins in VST and AU formats. The first plugins that I created are simple—compressors, equalisers and so on. Later, I began to make more sophisticated plugins, such as the all-in-one vocal processor, ALVOX. I made a website to showcase and sell these plugins,
The idea behind the AL Plugins brand was to create "bite-size plugins that pack a punch".
More space. My plugins use a small and concise GUI so that you can stack several on top of one another or side by side. It makes life easier and improves your workflow.
Free updates. Whenever you buy any of my plugins, you’ll receive all future updates for that plugin for free.
Great sound. I always try to find approaches that no-one has used before. The result is great sound in a small package.
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